My personal practice looks at the ways in which we seek to construct identities for ourselves,  both within the confines of 'The Family’ and more broadly examining the notion of belonging.  I find myself looking at the territories we create, the boundaries we set for ourselves, the connections we seek and the things that represent us - inadvertently or with deliberation,  through the things we treasure and the things we throw away. 

Much of my work is focused on my own observations as I navigate the experience of being an adult adoptee coming to terms with a sense of ‘lack’ in my own identity, and an affinity for the liminal, using photography as a therapeutic tool.  Health, both mental and physical, environmental and social concerns have provided the impetus for projects that consider our impact on the world around us and how we fit into it so that work which might begin on a very personal level becomes something much more universal.

As GEREN ARGYLL design, I provide a range of photographic services, including product, portraiture, editorial and event coverage.  So whether you are looking for images to represent your stock range on a website, require photographic illustrations to accompany a written piece, want to entice customers with your new menu or publicise your event, I would be delighted to provide a quotation and discuss your needs.